My First EE Music Adventure (Age 3 & 4)

Fun and innovative, holistic music program using games and patented software for early age beginners
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Audio visual system

Engaging children using a smart interactive system, helping them pay better attention, retain better learning.

Innovative learning tools

Hands-on style of guiding young children to develop their natural interests through senses of hearing, seeing and touching.

Small group lessons

Achievable goals for students, gaining confidence from each achievement.

21 day Perfect practice program

Using 21 days, correct bad habits, work towards the right muscle memory, good posture, using the appropriate strength and movements in practical & technical.

Patented Sight-reading method

Students are guided to analyse music scores independently by using linguistic analysis techniques.

ABRSM customised grading system

Our courses are pegged in accordance to Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music standards.(ABRSM)This accredited certification was established in UK since 1889 & is recognised worldwide.


12 years of teaching research has built up a teaching library & training system that ensures teachers to deliver high standard of results in their students

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