Presto EE Music Adventure (Age 5&6)

Start off on the correct learning habits to be able to achieve higher using our 9+1 ABRSM curriculum
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9+1 Curriculum

9 different learning objectives that cater to every aspect of music learning + 1 core curriculum using the ABRSM Music examination system as a benchmark
(+图片) Includes Fingering exercises, Aura listening, Rhythmic exercises, Notation sight-reading, Performance activity, Transposition exercises, Composing and Music Appreciation.

21 day Perfect practice program

Using 21 days, we work towards the right muscle memory, good posture, using the appropriate strength and movements in practical & technical.

Patented Sight-reading method

Students are guided to analyze music scores independently by using linguistic analysis techniques. Their weakness will become their strength in time to come.

Weekly checklist & Reward system

Periodic learning tasks are set according to the child’s interest & abilities to inspire self-motivated learning.

Termly progressive report

Using ABRSM grading standards, we track progress to have an accurate & consistent evaluation to make learning visible.

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