Accelerated ABRSM Grading(Age 6&7)

Fully structured but customized for faster grading progression supported by E-Library teaching resources.
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ABRSM customised grading system

Our courses are pegged in accordance to Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music standards. ABRSM accredited certification was established in UK since 1889 & is recognised worldwide.

Faster grading progression

A four semester course allows our students to achieve ABRSM Technique Grades 3, Aural Grade 3, Sight Reading Grade 2 & Theory Grade 2.


12 years of teaching research has build up a teaching library & training system that ensures teachers to deliver high standard of results in their students.

Project Based Learning

Students are goal-driven by innovative practical projects every semester (E.g. Composing, Duet or solo performance, arranging music, etc.).

Weekly checklist & Reward system

Through positive reinforcement, kids become more independent & self-motivated.

Termly progressive report

the ABRSM grading standards, we track progress to have an accurate and consistent evaluation to make learning visible.

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